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Why being agile doesn’t save a small business? It’s more about your strategic thinking.

The solution is about strategy and your strategic thinking ability  

So, what’s the problem?

In the digital economy, size doesn't matter, and location doesn't matter anymore either - every single tool that 'the big guys' have access to, a small business can key into that as well:

>Click & Collect - umhuh

>On-demand delivery - yup

>Online experience - what else?

And, a small business is supposed to have the 'agile' advantage - being small and able to respond quicker than the 'big guys'.

Yet, the big guys are eating the small guy's lunch... and dinner, and breakfast even. They are the new bully of the schoolyard.

In fact, I'm going to say that a small business has additional tools that also need to be factored in - and that are 'missing' for a lot of businesses - even the big guys...

>Building audiences beyond your 'borders'/neighbourhood

>Meeting consistency needs with subscription services

>Experience & creativity packaged "in a box"

And no, I'm not just talking retail-type businesses - but service-based businesses as well.

The problem is not that they don't have the tools, it's more that they don't always have the confidence and the skills that they can use these tools like the big guys - the Kogan's, Harvey Norman's, JB, Amazons etc.

It doesn't matter how big your business is - you can now compete on a level playing field with the big guys.

Now that is a HUGE opportunity - if of course, you see it that way.

Some might call it a silver lining. Yet, some might call it a black hole that there is no escaping, thinking once again... "it will pass"... Guess what? It won't.

And even if it does, what are you actually missing out on? You'll still be stuck and not taking the online opportunity seriously. Or, you'll feel like you've been punched in the gut once again when it happens again, and again. You're reactionary, not expeditionary.

This isn't acting on fear, either, this is acting with intent and with strategy, with a roadmap to get through and over this.

If it's urgent, message me now if you need a hand getting this lined up and not sure where to start.

If you've got some time, and want a quick roadmap to follow, type 'roadmap' in the comments, and I'll send you a visual tool to use.

Have you changed your thinking yet? Have you grown to where you wanted to be a year ago? What happens next year?

Remember -

All of the tools already exist - businesses have been 'online' for 25 years - non-stop. ...and I'm sure we can all agree - that's a lot of clicks.

There is no Knight in Shining armour coming to save you and your business, or rather, YOU are that Knight. Let's get you the right armour and a battleplan.

The solution is about strategy and your strategic thinking ability  

We only seem to hear the noise from the 'big' business retailers.

Would love to hear from small businesses on this...

If you are one or know a small business owner, retailer, entrepreneur - please tag them so we can all hear their story as well.

#DigitalTransformation is #GROWTH


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