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What's Good Strategy or Bad Strategy? Fighting Fires Is No Longer a Startup Badge of Honour. We need to Reinvent How We Think About Strategy For Startups.

"Fighting fires" is no longer a badge of honour with a Startup or even a mature business, for that matter. What really prevents "fires" in business? Strategy.

It's time to rethink, reinvent, and reimagine how you deal with "today" of fighting fires, versus tomorrow of prevention & strategy. Build your startup strategy stack instead, designed for growth.

And, it's even more fitting to get rid of that term "Fighting fires" - it's not a symbol of being productive & efficient. It's exactly opposite to that.

We've all heard the expression of "fighting fires" in business, right? Sometimes we even take glory in the use of the term, as we 'think' it's a right of passage of doing something important. If we didn't fight fires, what actual, important stuff would we be doing in a startup or mature business?

Actually, lots, when you think about it.

What is the best way to fight fires in business?

We are stuck in 'yesterday', hence our wanton need to 'fight fires'. We don't or rather can't see tomorrow, and can't think strategically if we're always fighting these "fires" in our business.

Would you believe that the best fire brigade/fire department is one that doesn't actually fight fires?

Think about it - if you're fighting fires every day, your fire prevention (strategy) absolutely sucks. And, you can't actually focus on growing & building a better business. The insidious thing is that it's holding you back more than you might think, and you might not actually see it happening. It's almost like trying to be busy for the sake of being busy - it just doesn't add value and doesn't work.

Smokey The Bear Was Right - Being a Strategic Thinker Means you PREVENT Fires

I had the great opportunity to present to Startup Grind Leeds chapter of Startup Grind on how we can rethink and reimagine how we think and do strategy, better. Strategy that creates certainty amongst the uncertainty, and clarity amongst the chaos & confusion.

If you're not doing it like that, you're probably doing it wrong. What if we could prevent fires instead of, and ahead of putting them out, by being proactive and anticipate what we can do better to prevent them in the first place?

Take a quick watch/listen to this short intro video on how strategy changes the formula for how you see and execute strategy, which helps you focus on the priorities of the day, while also simultaneously anticipating what we can do to stop fighting daily fires.

Then, watch the longer full on strategy workshop below. Plus get a chance to get a free strategy canvas worksheet to help you get started in developing the correct strategy

It's Time to Put Your "Fire-Fighting" Department Out Of Business By Getting Down To Strategic THINKING in Business 

Anticipating fires is how prevention works. This is strategic thinking. Anticipating challenges, barriers and obstacles is how strategy works to help you navigate in the right way at the right time.

Put your daily "fire-fighting department" out of business (or into retirement) by deciding to think strategically with Strategystorming Strategic Thinking.

This is how you translate strategy to something that works and helps you actually make sense of what's a priority and what's not. Often we get caught up in all of the 'big' noisy words like #transformation, yet it's probably more important to understand how to translate strategy first.

What Does Fire Fighting Have to do with Digital Transformation & Strategy?

Everything, actually.

You can't have transformation without translating it first, into something that actually makes sense for you and your business. This is strategic thinking.

  1. Watch the 5-minute intro video here
  2. Read the Linkedin post here
  3. Watch the full length session below, or here on Youtube

 Grab the products shown in the video here

Thanks to Patrycja Maksymowicz for putting this amazing learning workshop session together with StartupGrind Leeds. #startup #strategy #strategicthinking




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