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Strategy Expeditions for Reinvention, Growth & Performance by Strategystorming - The Strategy Mastery Training Course Workshop

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What's Creative Intelligence & Strategic Innovation?
Learning strategy and implementation with creative tools and storytelling.
Unleash the potential within your business or clients to solve your unique business challenges and create dynamic resilient futures.
Meet our Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation course.
It's education, but not as you know it.
It's a Workshop Expedition - a Strategy Expedition to get you to your destination... and back, learning, creating, understanding and crafting your ultimate strategy  of resilience & success. 
Applications are now open for the August 2022 sessions of the Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation course - Strategy Mastery.
Only 15 training places are available.
Apply Here Now.


[Who is this Strategy Expedition for?]

Performance-minded, strategic thinkers who want to further develop and refine their strategic skills that set you apart as a thinker and leader in strategy. Strategystorming is finding out the pathways & architecture that engages & enables strategic thinking in your organisation.

The Strategystorming Expedition is for Strategy Trainers, Strategy Consultants, Strategy Practitioners, Strategy Coaches.

We’re enabling game play to create better game plans. This is the core of strategy. And this, is game changing.


[Why a Strategy Expedition?]

Forward thinking is strategic thinking. Getting prepared for the future, executing, and delivering is the new game.

Our virtual 100 minute, two-sessions (and bonus sessions), is a learn-by-doing strategy training program that enables you to become a more creative and collaborative strategic thinker, strategy change maker and rule-breaker. Learn from seasoned Strategystorming masters and network with Strategystormers around the world. Bring serious fun & gameplay to work, thinking & doing.

This is NOT another online course where you’re overwhelmed with replay videos & distractions that seem to go on forever. No longer will you start and pay for a course that you’ll never finish. This is a specific series of LIVE learning events, where you will be guided through the growth lessons, in these strategy learning sessions, live in-person. 

[Session Times]

APAC/EU/EMEA - August 23 & 25, 2022 + up to 2 additional working sessions & learning pod accountability groups

APAC/US/Canada - Coming in September. Sign up here to be notified when we launch.

None of these dates work for you? Sign up here to receive alerts on future Strategy Training Expedition offerings. 

Why 100 minute sessions? We want to maximise your learning and doing capabilities, while ensuring that we focus on what is really important.


[What is it?]

The Strategy Expedition is: 

  • Over 200 minutes of live class time with a master StrategyStormer
  • 60 minutes of Q&A after each session
  • Meet and network with Strategystormers around the world
  • Jump into a learning and accountability ‘pod’ to keep the mind open
  • Take home a complete, new workshop - for immediate use with your team or clients
  • Learn strategic techniques to make your work and meetings more creative, collaborative and fun
  • Get full agendas, frameworks and game play to bring to any strategy meeting & planning session
  • Learn how to plan for and facilitate strategies
  • Incorporate Strategystorming into other frameworks like the business model canvas.
  • Hands-on experience with popular online collaborative tools
  • Post-session emails summarizing the lessons learned, key discussions points, resources referenced and homework assignments due
  • Access to a Strategy Expedition Slack/Discord community channel
  • Full access to a digital strategy toolkit


$300-$380/person; Teams of 2-6: $250/person; Six or more? Please contact us.

[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]


Each Expedition lasts for two sessions of 100 minutes each, across two days; we then meet for 100 minutes the following week for a final review, informal follow-up, final learnings, next-steps for execution & implementation, ‘graduation’ and connecting with others. This is then followed by an additional one on one session to finalise your strategy and make it workable and useful now, not at some future date, for all VIP attendees.


We’re all virtual - we’ll send you the links when you register


The best way to learn to Strategystorming is to participate in a facilitated session with a Strategystorming master. In addition to experiencing a workshop and developing your skills around strategy, you’ll develop supporting skills like thinking and have a chance to see behind the curtain of how it all comes together: planning, stakeholder meetings, pre-work, gameplay selection and follow-up. 

We’ll meet three times over two weeks for 300+ minutes of live exploration, plus bonus sessions to close the loop, and experience the following:

  • Complete the - Strategy Thinking - workshop designed for you, your team or your clients to navigate uncertainty and build strategic resiliency!
  • Take a behind the scenes look at planning and facilitating a Strategystorming session, online and off
  • Understand how to choose strategies & tools, and create engaging agendas using the Strategystorming frameworks
  • Overcome “I don’t know where to start with strategy” and other objections to playing a bigger game by thinking bigger with strategies
  • Develop strategy techniques to explore opportunities
  • Get hands on with tech, including: virtual & physical whiteboards, Stratahedron creator ‘whiteboard’, digital drawing programs and video conference software

This is all about business strategy training that works. Learn how to craft your best strategy ever.


[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]


GONE are the days where you register and pay for a course but never get around to completing it, because, well ‘distractions’. “Learn as you go” and “when you can”, no longer is sufficient, and while it was a good learning experiment, we really know that we need much much more to learn something fundamental, online. 

It doesn’t mean that we take the online part ‘out’, as it gives us the unique ability to be any where at any time, but rather that we create a better experience around learning online. It isn’t just about the course, it’s about how you are learning the course, with others. Solo learning can be good and has its place, but we really need to connect at a deeper level with how we learn online. It all comes down to the type of learning experiences that we want to have - this is what we are delivering with The Strategy Academy & Strategystorming course. 

Learning online is changing, by creating more opportunities to connect with the people around the shared experience of it all, and of learning something new. We often try to pay our way into knowledge, by purchasing a course and hoping that we can pull it all together, but are often left wondering and wanting more. Stop wasting your time & money; let’s change the way to learn with online, let’s learn together. 

Over the last 20 years of “online”, most of us have gotten lazy to commit, yet overwhelmed with our ‘to-do’ lists, and wrapped up in the sense of ‘being’ busy. It’s time to re-focus on what’s really important. Reinvent how we learn new things, and be innovative & strategic in not just how we think, but also how we “do”. 

Yes, it takes commitment and timing, but hasn’t that always been the case?

As the business landscape and our working world become increasingly difficult to navigate with massive increases in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), we must develop better strategic thinking & execution techniques to navigate uncertainty and keep work engaging, creative and fun. We must engage objectives and Key requirements to deliver what is critical to engaging and succeeding.

Strategystorming enables you to bring more creativity, collaboration and fun to your strategies, your meetings and workshops while still getting the work done!

[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]



  • How to reorient your perspective from focusing on the competition to understanding where blue ocean opportunities reside
  • How to shift focus from existing customers towards noncustomers to create new demand for your product or service
  • How to identify your buyers’ pain points and turn them into opportunities
  • How to create a leap in value for buyers while keeping costs low
  • How to build resilience over business cycles into your organization

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Creative Intelligence & Strategic Innovation Sessions 

  • Strategy with creativity, gameplay, and innovation
  • Models & strategy (Strategy Profile, Business Model Canvas, Strategy Canvas)
  • Strategy thinking & beliefs
  • Strategic Dynamics Profiles
  • The Strategy Expedition
  • Strategy toolkit
  • AMPS model
  • Stratahedron Activities
  • Goals/Objectives, OKR, accountability
  • 100 Day radar
  • 500 day radar


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Tools to help do the thinking and the work
  • Learning environment
  • Strategy training
  • Worksheets & workbook
  • Videos
  • Tool access
  • Training Aids
  • Presentation

[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]


We’ll give you the tools to change how you think about strategy, and how to integrate the methodologies & frameworks into your delivery for your company, or as effective training & consulting projects.

Guided by our hands-on approach to learning, we’ve designed Strategy Expeditions for you to experience a complete Strategystorming workshop while also getting the chance to peek behind the curtain and develop supporting skills to make your work, consulting & coaching more engaging creative and fun, and strategic! 

Learning online is changing & transforming - are you changing with it? How many business learn-as-you-go courses have you purchased, but not actually 'finished'? Even one is too many, when you think about it. Why would you want to pay for something and not get the value out of it? Yes, we're all busy, but are you too busy to be wiser in how you manage your time and resources? 

We often try to pay our way into knowledge, by purchasing a course and hoping that we can quickly learn everything and pull it all together, but are often left wondering and wanting more. Have you ever actually watched a replay? It's time to stop wasting your time & money on online courses you'll never finish; let’s change the way to learn online; let’s actually create an environment and experience where we can learn together.Let's use technology to help us, not to overwhelm us. 

Over the last 20 years of “online”, most of us have gotten lazy to commit to something strategic, yet overwhelmed with our ‘to-do’ lists, and wrapped up in the sense of ‘being’ busy. We've grown to want ‘click-frenzy’ at all times. Instant gratification is great, but it is short-lived. We're always searching for 'something'. What if instead of focussing on 'something' we looked close at some-HOW? It’s time to re-focus on what’s really important, and HOW you make it happen. We need to Reinvent how we learn things, and be innovative & strategic in not just how we think, but also how we “do” & act. Yes, it takes commitment and timing, but hasn’t that always been the case? 

Come join in the revolution & expedition of learning business strategy, innovation, & reinvention with the Strategystorming action. 

Why? Because great business has always been about great strategy. Good to great companies all have one thing in common - they understand how instrumental a clear, certain and competent strategy makes them competitive. 

Now, it's your turn.​​ We’re wired strategic thinkers. We just need to learn how to apply it. Learn to include strategic thinking into your trainings, consultings and coaching. 

This is all about rethinking and reinventing how we learn business strategy. This is business strategy training that works. Learn how to craft your best strategy ever.


[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]


You might consider a Strategystorming Expedition if…

  • Understanding & teaching strategy has become exhausting instead of energizing
  • You’re looking for ways to help yourself, your team or your clients predict & prepare for uncertainties ahead
  • You’d like to bring more freedom & creativity into your business or professional environment
  • You’re tired of the status quo
  • Facilitation and meetings are parts of your everyday work
  • Networking with a global community and gaining new perspective inspires you
  • You’d like to make sure the work continues after your workshop or meeting ends
  • You’re looking for ways to flatten the room and engage all voices and personality types
  • You’re curious about different ways of collaborating online, or wondering if it can be done at all
  • You want to get shit done and have fun doing it!

[Next dates Times]

EMEA/APAC - August 23 & 25, 2022 + up to 2 additional working sessions & learning pod accountability groups

APAC/North & South America - To Be Announced. Sign-up here to be updated on exact dates when we launch. 

[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]


None of these dates work for you? Express your interest here for future dates and courses.

Sign up here to receive alerts on future Expedition offerings. 

[What’s the Story - What’s it About?]

Strategy Expedition Ensei Mastery - Strategystorming Level 1

We're going on a strategy journey to discover & do. To find out exactly where to start with strategy, and where it will ultimately take you from good to great.

Ensei is the expedition of your business, and this is where the journey starts. We're no longer on a safari, but with troubled waters ahead, this is the best way to create the future, today.

Strategystorming is adding gameplay into how we think, create and build strategies that are robust, giving us the clarity, certainty, and competencies that we need to know along this pathway.

We're not here to create a 'plan' that sits in a PowerPoint that never gets opened, or printed and put in another stack of papers that you'll never see again. We're here to help you create a living, breathing, dynamic foundation that you can see, touch & feel. Strategystorming is the new wave of developing strategy, whether you're a business strategist, entrepreneur, strategy consultant or practitioner - it will give you the thinking, tools, and know-how to craft strategy like never before.

We focus on the journey, the expedition, the 'ensei' of it all - so you can see exactly how the pieces fit together, and how they work, and what needs to be done.

Our beliefs in what strategy is and can do is where we start, along our journey of enlightenment into the deeper world of getting and answering the 'why'. 'What' takes us along this expedition trail, and 'how' is what you'll be ready and able to do, next, as you take everything into practice & implementation.

Strategy is not a game, but we've created a series of tools that will inspire you to see your perspective and use gameplay to bring it to life.

What we're bringing to divulge, dissect & discuss in detail:

  1. Going slow to go fast is the only way to move from Good to Great. Here are the beliefs that we are challenging, and where it will bring you. Where are you headed and how will you know when you get there?
  1. Where to start with strategy & more importantly, where to finish. How do you prepare resources, time, people, and money to be able to take off and actually get to your destination?
  1. What got us here will get us there - the science of reverse engineering what you've done and how best to combine it with refreshing thinking. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, nor learn how to ride a bicycle again - so what you know and do up to this point is something to treasure and leverage. Are you ready to ride your bicycle again?
  1. Seeing, thinking & doing strategy is much easier said than done, but there's a reason for that. We'll digest how to think strategically, and what your strategic dynamics profile means to being able to solve problems and challenges strategically.
  1. What does the ensei expedition do to change my perspective, and what thinking & tools will I need to bring along this growth pathway?

Are you prepared for what comes next?

It's not another online webinar where you madly listen for a sliver of insight that you won't be able to implement because you have to buy some other program.

This is not another "free" learning session where you know that you'll be sold to at the end.

Strategy is not for the upper echelons of corporate-ness. It's not a plan from on high. It's not for the faint of heart, either. It's down-to-earth thinking & doing.

This is not another pitch session, where we spend hours going through my journey, trying to be vulnerable & authentic, so that you can 'feel' my story - and not actually learning anything you can value nor use.

It's not business as usual anymore. You're here to learn, in a learning environment, to give you the strategies & tools that you will need to map out the next steps of business.

Are you prepared to take the next step?

This is a paid, live, learning event, that takes place across 2 sessions of 100 minutes. 200 minutes and you’ll have everything you need.

What are you prepared to pay if you could unlock the heart of what you do and how you do it? What is the cost of doing nothing, or struggling along the way, same as today, as the economy clamps down on those businesses that are truly not prepared?

It's a lot less than that.

There is a waiting list as it's only for those who are really looking to overcome their misbeliefs of strategy & business, and what you can do about it.

If you're interested in finding out the details, register your interest here on Linkedin and I will send you some questions to see if you're really ready.

It's not for the light-hearted spur-of-the-moment-go-here-to-go-there mentality; we are going on an expedition, afterall.

It's not a to-do list. A to-do list would never have landed men on the moon, explored the poles, or journeyed around the world and across new terrains. Hundreds of people have died attempting to navigate the summit of Everest & return. Not all expeditions of the past met with success.

We're here to change that.

What are you prepared to gain?

This is all about rethinking and reinventing how we learn business strategy. This is business strategy training that works. Learn how to craft your best strategy ever.


[What Are You Prepared To GAIN?]

Next Class Begins very soon. Apply now to guarantee your spot.

 This is business strategy training at it's finest.

[Apply Now - Limited Learning Seats Available]


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