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Do You Want to Lose Track of Your ‘Why’ & ‘How’ amongst all of the ‘WTFs’?

What Does The Future of Your Business Look Like?

No one knows.

We don't know.

You don't know.


But sometimes that can be the fun part.

That's what keeps it exciting and interesting.

It's spontaneous.

It's the thrill of the chase.

It's dopamine driving.

But, what if you could leverage this BUT do it better?


Would You Have Stopped?

I didn't. I don't think you can either.

We do know that we can get better at it.

Otherwise, we would have stopped.

We can get better at it if we start to decipher it when we have the right pathway, the right FlightPath.

What if there was a sort of non-mastermind, more like a mentor-minded accountability & action-type group to help you focus and fire? One to find the pathway and execute the obstacles.

We walk, talk, and do business and help each other overcome some of our biggest challenges. And, we all execute in a ‘challenge’ environment.


What Are You Good At?

Bring your leadership, your wisdom, your knowledge, your ideas, and even your vision & mission if you have one, want to create yours, or want to develop it deeper.

Bring your get-shit-done mindset, your ability to see the best in others and to help them in this common-but-yet-oh-so-different journey.

We’re all going to help you solve some of your biggest hurdles that you can see right now but can’t quite see yet.

It’s a small, enthusiastic group with a win-win-win attitude.

I’ve had some great interest and applications so far, so looking to finalise the first groups and get down to action on it.

Thank you for everyone who has expressed your interest.

FlightPath Business Strategy

The new world of mentorship with a FlightPath

What Does Your Journey Tell You About You?

Let's lay out the vision and get the execution and insights along the problems, challenges and drifting off-course that we face.

No one knows your journey like you do.

No one brings more wisdom like you do.

No one knows the power & opportunity of it as a mentor-group of peers.

Nothing too serious but we meet once a week, help each other along this journey, and help keep each other not with just with ‘tactical’ accountability, but using your wisdom, your knowledge and the power and strength of the group to stay focussed and get better stuff done, consistently.

We've Heard of the 'Wisdom of The Crowd' - This Is What It Really Means In Business

This is using the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ for a better outcome. This is mentorship. Differently.

And, it’s changing how we get business done. It’s the true power of ‘wisdom’ - mine and yours; using it and sharing it.

And, we can all do it, collectively - if we have the right set-up, which we’re bringing.


Are You Up To The Standard? What Will It Take?

There’s a couple of pre-requisites of being part of it 🤩

1. You’re good at what you do and how you do it & you want to get much better at it all 🧠

2. You’re not a Flat-Earther or Chemtrail’r

3. You know how to show-up and get down to business in your business

4. You’re not a d*ck to others and are supportive AND competitive

5. You’ve got an open mind

6. You’re not a drama-king/queen

7. You enjoy not only doing great things, but helping others see it & do it. There is a mentor in you that sees other people doing great things as positive.

8. You know how to laugh at yourself (& occasionally others from a good meme or two lol)

9. You’re not here to pass out your business cards for ‘leads’

10. Die Hard is (definitely) a Christmas movie. *see note above 😂

11. You’re in it for the long-game and want to build something of significance & value

12. You want to do amazing things this year; set some objectives and stick to them

13. You can commit to jumping on zoom for 1 hour a week (on a Tuesday)

14. What happens in the group stays in the group (unless meme-worthy)

15. You've got $15-$25 to get started to have our own private community and THE group with benefits


It’s NOT just setting goals and going on our own merry way. That’s not good enough. We all know that.


We Know What To Do, Just Not Always What To Do Next?

It’s about having objectives, but more importantly objectives with a connected purpose and a way of doing it incrementally; a pathway forward, seeing the ‘flight ahead’ for what we KNOW is a long journey, an odyssey or expedition; and, more importantly, knowing what to stick with and what to throw out along the way.

Test your assumptions, ideas, solutions and challenges with your connected, knowledgeable and wise peers.

It’s knowing how to experiment along the way to building new strategies, executing your new ideas, and of course overcoming your new obstacles and your new, needed decisions. It’s about not losing sight of, or getting pushed off course, to where you really want to go.


You won’t lose track of your ‘Why’ & ‘How’ amongst all of the ‘WTFs’


It's Time To Leverage Mentorship - To Give & To Receive

And it’s about having a group of people that want to win, and also want you to win and share in that success. To help each other in ways we can really only imagine right now.


It's not a mastermind. It's better.

It's not networking. It's better.

It's not another training course. It's better.

It's not Group Coaching. It's better.

It's not another Accountability Group. It's better.

It's not another Boardroom. It's better.

We know that we can do more and be better.

Now it's time to think and do better.



It’s about mastering your environment and using everything you can, not just today BUT tomorrow.

It's about connecting your knowledge & wisdom with the knowledge and wisdom of your peers. It's a perfect match - if it can be harnessed.

What we need is more mentorship, connections & working on a more personalized approach on our OWN solutions for our OWN challenges and priorities.

It’s really that simple.

Did I mention it’s all done by AI? lol Just kidding. Maybe the images... It’s where only you can excel with your biggest competitive advantage - Human to Human.

FlightPath Business Strategy Mentorship
The new world of mentorship with a flightpath. FlightPath Business Strategy Mentorship


We've All Been There, Done That.

Now It's Time Put It Together For Good Use

In 22 years of building my own startups, growing businesses, teaching, mentoring, coaching, working with Fortune 100 brands and consulting for 100s of businesses & entrepreneurs, I’ve come to realize that it’s the simple things in business that get us the furthest: 

  1. Design a foundation so you can learn how to leverage and prioritize it
  2. Build a group of mentors and peers so that you can build confidence in execution
  3. Know where you are going and how to prioritize and execute for today as well as for tomorrow

It's Time To Build A FlightPath

You’ll build out your journey as your “FlightPath” with a close-knit group using the wisdom of your peers for reimagining your perspective, driving your OWN priorities & finding your OWN critical solutions.

We're sharing the journey, so why are we doing it all by ourselves?

It will shift your perspective and give you elevation on problem-solving that you’ve never been able to see because you’ve been face-down in overwhelm & entrepreneur tears.

It will ensure that you keep clarity on your objectives without drifting off-course, amongst the daily distractions & disruptions.

It’s big-picture thinking with even bigger-business doing.

It's Shared Wisdom.

Obstacles Overcome.


Are You In Or Are You Out?

Come join in the excitement. Join an intro session by DM/comment below or go straight to the waitlist

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