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The Truth About What You Should Be Focussing More On in Your Business - Hint: It's 99% invisible

Like many metaphors, Marketing your business is like an iceberg.

Not one that might sink the Titanic… but perhaps close?

Don’t shuffle deck chairs on the Titanic as the old saying goes… if you can't see the changes ahead, then you really are on a collision course.

It comes down to some simple numbers in business. It’s 99% invisible & 1% visible. Yes, I'll say it again, 

  • 99% invisible
  • 1% visible

We mostly get this wrong, assuming that what other people see us do is more important than what foundation we are building to future-proof our businesses.

The 1% visible is what we actually do most of the 'busy' work on:

  • copy & content
  • design & visual
  • Social media
  • Campaigns

The 99% invisible is where we are losing most of the important business. It can usually be attributed to these main strategic activities, the behind the scenes, yet so much more important:

  • psychology
  • strategy
  • systems

When you think about it, and of course see it everyday, most only focus on the visible 1%, thinking it’s THE path.

It isn’t. 

There is a lot more depth here, that we often do in fact overlook. We don't investigate fully how our customers and audience are thinking - we simply gloss over what we think they need. We rarely feel that we 'need' a strategy to enhance what we're doing to drive profitability and how to win - or that it's something that only big companies have to do to please their corporate rulers. And, seldom do we use any systems to create better efficiencies.

We need to make the invisible more visible to us, the business creator, crafter, curator. This is the only way to manage the chaos amongst the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous), business environment world that we all live in.

This is what #strategystorming is all about - and this is the way you can separate and SEE both the visible and invisible. We need to flip the script to focus on ultimately the 99% behind the scenes. This is where the real business gets done and build the resilience that businesses need to survive and thrive. It also drives profitability when these areas are focussed on, as it gives clarity to what drives business.

The best strategies:

🔦shed light on the opportunities hidden in unfamiliar places

🔓 help us unlock the audiences we didn’t know existed

👀 see the regions we don’t understand

🎯Release the products people didn’t know they needed.

These are the strategies that unlock new feelings and unexplored associations that help businesses and brands create disproportionate impact. It helps us connect with our audience, see what strategies can help us win, and gives us the systems to manage without firefighting.

This is the 99% that we can all handle.

This is how we start to reinvent, reimagine and rethink how we do business.

This is Strategystorming - Creating and crafting better strategies for businesses that want to win.



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