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Is Bigger All There Is in Business? What does the word GROWTH actually mean for GROWING a business?

Is Bigger All There Is?

We often hear the expression of "Growth". It seems to be the panacea, problem-solver, and remedy medicine for almost everything in the business world. If only we could grow more, if only we could scale more, if only we could...

What if we replaced the word 'growth' or 'scale' with 'better' & 'greater'?
How do we reinvent & rethink & evolve what we're doing & how we're thinking?

Did you know that one of the many synonyms for Growth is Evolve?

What if we also looked at Better and Greater? From Good to Greater. From an evolutionary process. Would that better define what we mean by growth? VP of Growth becomes the VP of Better; the Director of Growth Marketing becomes the Director of Greater Marketing; 'How to scale & grow your business' becomes 'How to Become Greater at Business'.

It's like the hollow & vapid term of "Next level". What is actually meant by this? How do I know when I get there? Has anyone actually gotten to their 'next level' and reported back? What do you do after that level? What comes next?

Companies need to focus on becoming BETTER instead of simply growing BIGGER. They are not the same thing.

And, we know they are not the same thing. Growth for growth's sake is not better. Bigger is not better. Better is better. Better is better than good. Let's go Greater!

Good and bigger are not ‘good enough'.

We often look at the concept of "growth" as a saviour for business. It isn't. And neither are a lot of things.

The world has shifted. Has your strategy? This is where we will guide you to create Your Winning Strategy

We need Greater, but not just "Greater Than >"

We need to think higher; elevate our thinking, and frame our challenges differently, but with a clear foundation of the trials and tribulations of all that we have done and become.

^thinking [greater thinking]

^play [greater play]

^inspiration [greater inspiration]

^design [greater design]

^Strategy [greater strategy]

We don't need to 'scale' we need to slice through the noise and make better strategic decisions.

We don't need more content, we need more strategic and better content.

We don't need more leads, we need better leads and better relationships.

We need to be greater; do better; think better.

What's better than brainstorming? Strategystorming.

We don't need to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business; we need to be greater at delivery.

We don't need another off-the-shelf 'framework'; we need a personalised approach that is greater because of us and what we put into it for each of us.

We don't need another technology platform; we need to be greater at utilizing our tech platforms.

Strategy, Branding, training and business strategy funny meme

We don't need 'transformation'; we need a better way of expressing the journey, the story that we are creating with our strategies.

We don't need another "Growth Strategy"; we need a greater strategy with the root understanding of growth, and 'why'.

Strategy is not a to-do list. A to-do list would never have landed men on the moon, explored the poles, or journeyed around the world and across new terrains. 

What is the cost of doing nothing? 

Follow along to get smarter at strategy.

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