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Want to Obtain Better Results in 4 Easy Steps? How To Build Your Business Better Business With A Simple Strategy

Embrace Simplicity, Think Monumentally, Act Incrementally, and Learn Rapidly to Build a Better Business

Want to obtain results in 4 easy steps? Unleash Your Business's Full Potential in 2024: Building a Better Business With A Simple 4-Step Strategy 

Are you charting a Strategic Course for your Entrepreneurial and business Success in 2024?

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey can often feel like navigating through uncharted territories. The year 2024 is unfolding, and for entrepreneurs, it's a critical time to reflect, reorient, and reignite their business strategies. As a strategy and brand strategy training consultant, I understand the importance of setting a robust foundation for growth. To aid entrepreneurs in this endeavor, I present the FlightPATH model, a blueprint for simplifying business processes and aligning actions with overarching objectives. This model isn't just about doing; it's about doing with purpose, precision, and a clear direction.

Here’s how to set priorities and simplify your business & the art of “doing”.

This is a great strategy & “doing” model that takes what we know about business and putting it into tangible sections to help focus & prioritise for a greater objective - not just output. It will help you build a better business. 

It’s based on the Four-Steps model by Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, which I’ve redrawn for this blog.

The great thing about models is that we can see what they are supposed to look like and convey ideas clearly and concisely. Like looking up at a commercial flight across the sky, we can see that they are getting to their objective. Likewise we can see this with businesses that have a clear priority & objective. Does your business work with an output or more so with an OBJECTIVE?


Here's an Overview

Think Big - Visionary Objectives for Monumental Growth

Set Your Sights on the Horizon: The 1000-Day Vision

Imagine where you want your business to be in 1000 days. This isn't just a vision; it's a concrete objective. By adopting the FlightPATH model, you translate your long-term vision into a tangible destination. This strategic framework gives you a clear trajectory, allowing you to prioritize effectively and focus on building a robust enterprise. The concept of a 1000-day plan provides a substantial runway to achieve ambitious objectives, propelling your business to new heights with unprecedented clarity.

Act Small - The Power of Incremental Progress

Crafting Your 100-Day FlightPATH Legs

How do you bring a grand vision to life? One step at a time. The FlightPATH model breaks down your 1000-day objective into manageable 100-day "legs." These smaller segments enable you to move forward with precision and purpose, making your larger goals achievable. By focusing on daily actions that contribute to your broader vision, you transform the daunting task of building a business into a series of attainable milestones.

Learn Fast - Accelerated Wisdom through Mentorship

Harnessing Collective Experience for Swift Advancement

FlightPATH emphasizes the importance of mentorship and collective wisdom in overcoming challenges. By engaging with a mentorship group, you can fast-track your learning process, bypass common pitfalls, and gain insights from shared experiences. This collaborative approach to entrepreneurship ensures that you're not alone on your journey. Instead of the slow grind of trial and error, leverage the knowledge of your peers to accelerate your path to success.

Build Soon - Staying True to Your Course

Accountability and Focus in Business Construction

A vision without execution is merely a dream. The FlightPATH model advocates for immediate action and accountability. It ensures that you remain focused on your objectives without succumbing to distractions. Regularly reviewing your 100-day "legs" keeps you aligned with your priorities, helping you build a better business sooner rather than later. It's about staying on course and making consistent progress towards your goals.

What Does it Take to Get to the "Next Level" in 2024?

Now, let's get further into it - Here’s how to set priorities and simplify your business & the art of “doing”.

This is a great strategy & “doing” model that takes what we know about business and putting it into tangible sections to help focus & prioritise for a greater objective - not just output. 

Want to build a BETTER business?


Here’s how we can actually take this model to a “higher” level to make business “growth” easier and faster - to be objective focussed, not just output orientated.

Building an effective business strategy model

1. THINK BIG - What’s your BIG objective in 1000 Days?

What’s your vision of your future? What are you trying to BUILD. You BUILD a business, you don’t GROW one. Putting your vision into a 1000 day objective gives you a method to prioritise what comes next. Using the concept of the “FlightPath” it allows you to see where it is that you want your objective to take you, not just an empty “vision” without the mechanism to get you there. The concept of 1000 Days gives you enough runway and momentum to get you to a much higher altitude, a much bigger objective that will give you intense clarity to carry forward, as you can now focus on the overall objective of building a better business. 


2. ACT SMALL - We all know that small steps are the only way to convert our big objectives.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you build a better business? One day at a time. Convert the larger 1000 Day Objectives into smaller 100 Day FlightPath ”Legs” that allow you to charge forward with clarity in smaller steps and still get to your Bigger & Better 1000 Day objectives. 


3. LEARN FAST - Using FlightPath mentorship can accelerate how to solve your challenges, get clarity on your obstacles and see the FlightPath forward.

The wisdom of the crowd of group mentorship can be an extremely powerful play, and can point you in the right direction, quickly, without wasting valuable time on your own trial & error. Use other people’s experience and wisdom of success and failure to accelerate your success. And yes, share your wisdom and experience to others to help them achieve more, quicker. “Fail fast” is meaningless when you use the wisdom of the crowd through group mentorship - you don’t need to fail to make progress, when you have help from others - we don’t need to know everything at all once; we can leverage our wisdom and experience with the wisdom and experience of our mentor group peers.


4. BUILD SOON - Use FlightPath accountability to ensure that you are staying on target and more importantly on priority.

You can’t lose site nor get distracted if you know what you need to do, and how to stay on priority. Staying “On Priority” to actually get to our objective is one of the most difficult things to do, as we are constantly getting distracted and pulled in all directions. We are in a constant state of firefighting because we are NOT staying On-Priority and NOT building. If we are not building, we are not in business. Having the 100 Day FlightPath “Legs” allows you to BUILD BETTER, BUILD SOONER, while being accountable to your own future.


What's Next With Your Strategy?

As 2024 progresses, it's imperative for entrepreneurs to reassess their strategies and embrace a model that promotes growth and simplification. The FlightPATH model is your guide to navigating the business landscape with confidence. By thinking big, acting small, learning fast, and building soon, you're not just running a business; you're on a mission to build an empire. Remember, the right strategy can give your business wings to soar above the competition.


Are You Ready To Begin Building Your Better Business?

Are you ready to transform your business aspirations into reality? It's time to take control and set your business on a successful trajectory. Don't let another year pass by without maximizing your potential. Embrace the FlightPATH model, and let's start building a better business together. For personalized guidance and to join a community that propels forward, join the VIP Waitlist and embark on your journey to success.



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