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How do you build a Strategy Operating System?

How do you turn hard & difficult strategy into smart strategy?  ...without magical unicorns or 'special' glasses? 


Strategystorming is the 'what' & the 'how' that we will be exploring next week - we combine your strengths into a central strategic operating system/architecture with your underlying business foundation. It's also a 'way' of combining strategy into business, all with the 'artfulness' of it.

Then, we build it into an actionable flightplan, radar, playbook & tools that you can use going forward to keep you on track well into 2023.

How do we view our business clearly with strategy?

This isn't a business plan;

which is a thinking plan, a strategy operating system - how you can be creative in developing your solid foundation of certainty that will maximise and prioritise what you work on for your clarity, and show you how you can learn a few amazing knowledge nuggets as well to focus on.

This isn't Your 2023 'To-Do" list.

Let's be honest, you usually know what to do, it's just a matter of setting a priority. And when everything seems to come at once, everything seems to be a priority, right? How easy would it be if your strategic operating system/architecture that you build has all the priorities 'built-in' to your model?

This isn't strategic "goal-setting" either.

Setting goals might give you an idea of what you like to have happen over the next 12 months BUT identifying the pathway and tracking your progress along that pathway will be your key to success. This is where the magic happens.

At this time of year, while many are focusing on goal setting tools, I’d rather focus on building out and articulating your foundation/architecture, as well as a 'built-in' progress tracking tool, your flightplan & Radar.

It’s simple really … great decisions of your foundation, your 'strategic architecture', turned into action over time, leads to success.

Strategystorming Suite of Strategy tools

And, using the Strategystorming Suite of Strategy tools, it's the only way to actually see & visualize what you are thinking with our strategy visualisation tools and workbooks. If you've ever designed and worked on your business pathways, you will love this new 3D strategy visualization tool, that allows you to see and act upon your strategy in new and evolutionary ways.

How to build your strategy operating system

. There are a couple of packages to get you started, and some great ways to maximise the value that you will get from it. before it's sold out.

Are you ready to make it happen? 




How do you measure the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats SWOT of your strategic thinking?

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