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10 Rules That Really Matter for a Digital-Focussed Enterprise

What does it take to become a digital-focussed Enterprise?

The role of a digital strategist is both exciting and challenging. It requires a unique blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and an unquenchable thirst for the latest trends and technologies. As we navigate this dynamic field, certain guiding principles can help steer our strategies towards success.

These 10 "rules" are designed not just to guide but also to inspire digital strategists. They combine practical wisdom with a touch of humor, reminding us that while our work is serious, our approach can still be fun and engaging.

From understanding the importance of data to remembering the human element in digital interactions, these rules encapsulate the essence of what it means to be a successful digital strategist in today's fast-paced digital world.

Here's 10 simple rules to see if you are a digital-focussed business:

  1. Always Be Curious, Never Be Complacent: Like a digital Sherlock Holmes, keep your magnifying glass handy. Trends, algorithms, and consumer behaviors are your mysteries to solve.

  2. Data is Your Compass, Creativity is Your Map: Navigate the digital landscape with data-driven insights, but plot your course with imaginative and innovative thinking.

  3. Remember the Human Behind the Screen: Algorithms aren’t your only audience. Craft strategies that resonate on a human level, not just a digital one.

  4. Embrace the 'Test, Learn, Adapt' Mantra: Treat every digital campaign like a science experiment. Hypothesize, test, analyze, and iterate. Lab coat and goggles optional.

  5. Be a Content Chameleon: Adapt your content to blend into the diverse ecosystems of different platforms, but always keep your brand’s unique colors shining through.

  6. Social Media is a Cocktail Party, Not a Sales Pitch: Engage in conversations, build relationships, and listen. Don’t just shove your product in everyone’s face.

  7. Emails are Like Secret Love Letters: Make them personal, valuable, and a delight to receive. No one likes a spammy suitor.

  8. SEO is Your Secret Superpower: It’s not just about keywords; it’s about crafting content that answers the call of your audience’s search queries.

  9. In Analytics We Trust, All Others Bring Data: Make decisions based on metrics, not just gut feelings. But remember, numbers tell stories, interpret them well.

  10. Stay Agile, Stay Hungry: The digital world is ever-changing. Keep learning, keep experimenting, and always be ready for the next big thing. Your brain should be as flexible as your strategy.


These 10 rules of a digital-focussed enterprise offer a roadmap for digital strategists seeking to excel in their field. They remind us that our role is multifaceted, requiring constant learning, adaptability, and a balance between data-driven decisions and creative thinking.

As digital strategists, we must be curious explorers, empathetic communicators, and agile innovators. By embracing these principles, we can create impactful digital strategies that resonate with audiences and drive meaningful results.

Remember, in the digital realm, change is the only constant, and staying ahead means being perpetually prepared to evolve, engage, and inspire. Let these rules be your guide as you navigate the exciting and ever-changing world of digital strategy.

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