Sometimes we can be extremely surprised at how 'strategic' some things are when we compare it to other things. Here's a case in point. - Strategystorming  - The Strategy Studio & Shop for Strategic Thinkers

Sometimes we can be extremely surprised at how 'strategic' some things are when we compare it to other things. Here's a case in point.

Are you smrter (& more strategic) than a 300-gram Bird that can fly from Alaska to Tasmania & back again? 

Here's a case in point about how to get epic things done...strategically

This Godwit recently flew its longest (recorded) flight ever - from Alaska to Tasmania... and back again.

It does more in 11 days than most people do in 11 months. In this case 13,560km. 

Are you more strategic than the 300 gram Godwit bird during it's 11,000km migration?

Here's the background on the juvenile's journey 


What's the strategic secret here, or is there one?

Let's unpack this and do a quick comparison.

✅ Is the path completely uncertain? Yes. How would you fly from Alaska to Tasmania? Do you know where your business journey is taking you? What if there is a typhoon/hurricane that gets in the way?

Thunder, thunder, lightning, very very frightening.

✅ It has a clear 'strategy' (or natural selection/migration)? Yes. Given the 'team' (flock) they travel with, your preparedness for the journey, as simple as eating more to put on some 'good weight'.

✅ Create the most efficient and probable route forward despite the winds, the probability of no land beneath you for the entire journey, the probability of taking the lead to move the flock further. This is your expedition, so how can you better prepare for it?

✅ A clear mission? Understand the mission to get to the most 'probable' spot. And yes, the mission is not just there, but there and back again. It's going in the right direction at the right time.

✅ Knowing how to navigate? However they do it' it's absolutely clear (and amazing) looking at the pathway forward.

Are you on a strategic focussed mission? 

It’s not just flying to Tasmania from Alaska under your own power and that of your team, but knowing that you will do it again and again and again. And how would you prepare for this journey of a life and a lifetime if you knew what was at stake?

Is "Just Do it" a strategy?

You could say that they just “do it”, and get on with it, but what if you ask the question of how much better could it be, if you even looked at and addressed a deep thinking and cognitive look of your business journey? What could happen if you didn’t leave it up to a day by day reaction, but managed change over the course of your business? How much smoother could the flight feel if you have some of these pieces in place?

🧠 So what are we missing in business? 🚀

And no, not all of the flock will make it.

So yes, definitely like an entrepreneur. But I'd say we are missing a lot.

No mission
No strategy
No preparedness

And yes, we are more cognitive creatures, so in essence, we should be doing a lot more and a lot better. What would you be able to do if you spent some time preparing for this ultimate journey of life & death?

What could you do if you were more strategic?

Imagine what you could do if you were truly as prepared as you could be? #strategy #business #entrepreneur


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