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Strategy is about change, and we are all architects of change with our strategic thinking

You're In The Business of Change. You Just Don't Know It...Yet.

What does it take to see Change?

How do we adapt change and think more strategically in the solutions that we deliver, and want to deliver?

Can you actually ‘solve’ change? You can if you see it and know how to recognize it

Change is business. And ultimately, we are all in the business of change.

Knowing what exactly to change however can sometimes be the biggest barrier you will ever encounter. This is strategy & strategic thinking. This is what gives us the abilities to change, survive & thrive.

Did you know that the only purpose of long-term planning is to help us to decide what to do NOW? Sounds weird and counter-intuitive, I know... but we try to get ready for change, but often never get in front of it.

Strategy is about change, and we are all architects of change with our strategic thinking

This brings the question, can you actually ‘solve’ change? Perhaps you can, if you see it and know how to recognize it.

Anticipation brings change and defines it how you encounter it, whether it pushes you out of the way, or gives you direction and certainty.

How do we adapt to change?

Whether you like it or not, we’re forced to see it and adapt to it. We know it can be good, but yet we are so vehemently opposed to it, as we don't know what it will bring, or not.

Stop fighting against it and be proactive in our approach to solving it, embracing it, and leveraging change.

During my Strategystorming Launch the week previous, and after interviewing and listening to over 24 amazing speakers in 13+ hours of non-stop livestreaming, and while I could have been a bit delusional & dehydrated from running the continuous show, the most profound lesson was all about change and how we dealt with it.

Ultimately, we all sell change - nothing more and nothing else. Yes, it can all be wrapped differently and in a different way (which could be how we brand change), but we have all decided as a consultant, trainers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners, that what we are really selling is the ability to help clients and customers change, to change and adjust, to change and adapt, to change and deliver. Even if you sell a book, a physical product, or anything - it's all about change - where we are and where we want to be.

We want something better to happen, and it takes change to do that.

It won't happen on it's own.

We want to change today for tomorrow. We want to leverage today for tomorrow. This is strategystorming

How do we solve for change?

Learn how to think strategically, and where you are right now, then you'll be able to see exactly how to solve, adapt & deploy change. It's all part of the expedition that we are all on - it's an expedition of change - are we prepared to meet the obstacles, the barriers to get through the gap between where we are right now, and where we want to be?



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