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The Power Of The Prompt - The Strategic Look At Artificial Intelligence Alignment & Business

What Does A Prompt Have to Do With Embracing The Latest Technology of Artificial Intelligence?

The word "Prompt" is probably going to be the word of the year for 2023.

Why? Because it's the new way that we interact with our robot overlords 🤖😳

It's not unlike humans either - as it is all in the question. Perhaps #GenerativeAI is The Socratic Method for the 21st century?

AI is the Socratic Method for 21st century

What Motivates Us To Ask Deeper Questions?

We're going to be intrinsically motivated by asking real questions. This means for deeper answers, we need to think deeper. That's Strategystorming Strategic Thinking

How Will Strategic Thinking Help Us Clarify The ChatGPT & Generative AI Prompt?

#StrategicThinking will move us away from the mundane, but it won't exclude the mundane. 80% of what we do will be commoditized by The "Prompt" and other forms of AI. Ultimately, we need to become better strategic thinkers.

Ask a better question and you'll get an even better answer.

So, what's your favorite #prompt for using #ChatGPT or other generative AI? Images, copy...

Are you broad & conceptual, or direct and specific in asking The Prompt Machine?

Want Better Answers? Ask Better Questions

How many iterations to get the answer that you were looking for?

Where's the sweet spot for you in looking into this and seeing how to use it? Post your ChatGPT screenshots here as well if you'd like to share some of your best questions.

Would love to hear your thoughts on what prompts you use if you're using it, what questions you ask, and has it made you think differently about how you ask 'simple' questions?

If you haven't yet jumped in - what would be the first question that you start with?

#ai #artificialintelligence

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