About Strategystorming

Strategystorming is the artfulness of business and how we craft better strategy

It's business strategy, but with a re-invention edge, a built-in competitive advantage

Its how to craft and execute exceptional strategies for increasing growth & profit

Who's Doyle Buehler?

Doyle Buehler runs a strategic digital marketing consultancy Creating Real-Time, Connected & Adaptive Digital Challenger Brands in this disruptive digital economy. Doyle has been involved in online & ecommerce businesses since 2002, leading one of his ecommerce companies to the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada and #1 Fastest in the Province.

He's author of the book on digital strategy called #Breakthrough, which takes challenger businesses on their business-changing digital expedition, and calls himself the CEO - Chief Expedition Officer helping businesses plan, navigate & deliver in the digital darkness of online.

Doyle guides Digital Challenger businesses in navigating and leveraging the disruptive digital economy by showing them how to create certainty, clarity and competency in digital so the world really knows who you are and the impact that you create, despite the craziness that is happening around you.

He is regularly found online, hosting one of his many podcasts and livestreams, appearing on may digital media channels, as well as presenting and talking about the wonderful world of digital, and the immense opportunity that is available for businesses who lean in.

Doyle has created one of the first digital business scorecards, that allow businesses to create a benchmark of their capabilities and assess them against the key criteria on what's important and what to focus on to get better results online

Connect with us here:

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Book a call: calendly.com/doylebuehler

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