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Here's our Strategystorming Upcoming Brand Strategy Masterclass, Design Strategy Planning Workshops, Training, and Creative Problem-Solving Events To Help You Hone Your Strategy Skills in Business.

Enhance your strategic thinking skills with our different tiers of strategy training, including our Exclusive Creative Design Strategy Masterclass.

There are 4 Primary Types of strategy events for strategic planning

The Strategy Sprint Webinar

Strategy sprint webinar

In these exclusive Free Live Online Training events you'll get a great feel for what you can do when you change your strategic thinking skills, see what all of the fuss around strategystorming is all about, and get started on the path towards strategic freedom. These are typically one hour in length and give you a quick overview of what you need to know now, an understanding of what's critical to prioristise, and what you can do to extract more from your business strategy.

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The Strategy Reinvention Lab

strategy planning reinvention lab workshop

A more in-depth strategic review of your business and your strategic thinking. These 2-hour free live online strategy training events allow you to get hands on and go through a couple of exercises to better understand, implement and execute strategy and enhance your strategic thinking skills. 

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The Quarterly Strategy Masterclass

business strategy masterclass

These are our hardcore, hard-hitting paid Strategy Masterclass is where you can explore and fine-tune exactly what you need to do with your strategy development steps. This will take you to new levels of business success. We'll be going through some challenging work to ensure that you are able to design, align, and execute your strategy. Offered only every quarter, book now so you don't get disappointed. Limited seating available.

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Strategic Thinking Events

strategic thinking events

Come join in other strategy development and strategic thinking events from time to time, looking at strategic simplicity and building your strategy operating system.

Learn to become a better strategic thinker, and learn how to use gameplay for designing strategy for better business.

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Which Strategy Training Format Is Best For You?

Here's a quick breakdown so you can see the differences between them all.

  1. Strategy Sprint Webinar - This is "Level 1" of understanding what strategy can do, and more importantly what strategy can do for you and your business. These are intended to give you the lay of the land approach. Find out what's new and important in developing and designing your strategy. Think of it like learning how to design an aircraft. We don't start with something supersonic, but let's get something ready to get off the ground.
  2. Strategy Reinvention Lab - This is "Level 2" of understanding how best to use strategy, and how to design it for your business to create alignment with certainty. At this stage, we're "test-pilots" - putting the "aircraft" through some routine setup so we know how it works and what is important to really keep it flying, what to focus on, where we are heading and how we will get there. We're ready to get this baby off the ground and into our space groove.
  3. Strategy Masterclass - This is "Level 3" where we dig into the real practicalities of strategy and how it can best be created, designed, and adapted to our needs. This is putting it through the paces to get to where we want to go. It provides an amazing foundation of what we need to get it to flight. And, it acts like our copilot and crew to ensure that we are always on target and reducing uncertainty. This is your strategic operating system. You'll walk away with a fully-configured strategy and strategic execution for innovation in your business. You'll have a roadmap, radar, flightplan, and everything else you need to be able to execute your strategic vision.

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The Best Strategystorming Upcoming Brand Strategy Masterclass, Workshops, and Strategic Training Events are here to help you hone your strategic thinking and execution.



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