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Is 'Bigger' All There Is? Reinventing & Rethinking Your Business With Strategy

#Strategystorming [Rethink & Reinvent For Strategic Thinkers]

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Welcome to Strategystorming - the new thinking place where we become better strategic thinkers, by applying strategy here and now, sharing what strategy is, and how best to realise it and craft it into remarkable experiences. We're on a mission to rethink & reinvent strategy, how to steer it and seek out the future, and how to make it simpler, and more accessible to everyone in how we learn and implement strategy, as well as how we teach and learn strategy for business.

Strategystorming is a combination of: 
  1. Thinking
  2. Storytelling 
  3. World-building


Strategy, Branding, training and business strategy funny meme

...and let's not forget having a bit of fun around it as well, because we're emoji & meme agnostic 🤩.

It's like brainstorming, but BETTER, with clear outcomes and objectives, and putting together something that you can then actually use. Some may say it's an evolution of brainstorming, but we're just here to capture it as something useful and practical for everyone to use.

Strategystorming is adding gameplay into how we think, create and build strategies that are robust, giving us the clarity, certainty, and competencies that we need to know along this pathway.

Strategystorming is the new wave of developing strategy for business, whether you're a business strategist, entrepreneur, strategy consultant or practitioner - it will give you the thinking, tools, and know-how to craft strategy like never before.

We're here to make it short & simple as well with this newsletter - so focussing on snippets of what's really important. Strategy doesn't need to be complicated, and inaccessible, nor should our knowledge around it be limited.

What we're bringing to divulge, dissect & discuss in detail:

  1. Going slow to go fast is the only way to move from Good to Great. Here are the beliefs that we are challenging, and where it will bring you. Where are you headed and how will you know when you get there?
  2. Where to start with strategy & more importantly, where to finish. How do you prepare resources, time, people, and money to be able to take off and actually get to your destination?
  3. What got us here will get us there - the science of reverse engineering what you've done and how best to combine it with refreshing thinking. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, nor learn how to ride a bicycle again - so what you know and do up to this point is something to treasure and leverage. Are you ready to ride your bicycle again?
  4. Seeing, thinking & doing strategy is much easier said than done, but there's a reason for that. We'll digest how to think strategically, and what your strategic dynamics profile means to being able to solve problems and challenges strategically.
  5. What does the 'ensei' expedition do to change my perspective, and what thinking & tools will I need to bring along this pathway?

Are you ready to join the adventure? The Expedition is ready for your business.


Strategy, Branding, training and business strategy funny meme
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