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Thinkerboard Templates & Canva Design Template of the Strategy Canvas by Strategystorming

Thinkerboard Templates & Canva Design Template of the Strategy Canvas by Strategystorming

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This is the Strategy Canvas Worksheets

For the Thinkerboard Templates 

Canva Design Template Version

Customize and build your own agile strategy design model, with this latest version of the Thinkerboard Templates. This Canva version of the Strategy Canvas allows you to edit the template directly in Canva, to create your very own customized and specific business strategy model. 

You'll get two versions with this instant digital download:

  1. BONUS PDF A3 version of the strategy canvas to print out and reuse as many times as you need
  2. EASY DIRECT Link to the Canva Template, so you can edit and print any of the templates as part of the strategy canvas. The link to Canva Design Template is within the PDF

Open Canva, and within the Canva Template, you'll be able to customize all aspects of the strategy & design canvas. Then, you can print them out for your own Thinkerboard, or use them to build out your own strategy model.

Print out the full A3-sized templates and then apply them directly to your Thinkerboard, then use the steps outlined to use the Movers to build out your own strategy model on the Thinkerboard.

It's a complete strategy training, brainstorming, and Strategic Execution session to design, craft, and build out your own strategy.

You'll find it to be an ingenious strategy tool to really help you map out exactly how to make it work for you and your business. You'll have everything that you need to learn how to brainstorm exactly how to create a business strategy, and the strategy training to go along with it.

We've Gamified Strategy with this Strategy Brainstorming Toolkit

You'll know that you can always use your creativity to pull out all of the necessary concepts that you need for developing and crafting your agile design strategy.

It's an Agile Strategic Design Tool & Training

You can now take everything that you're learning about strategy and business, and apply it to the agile design concepts to build your strategy, and allow you to see your strategic thinking in new ways of visualization and visual design in 3D.

What You'll Need To Get Started With the Thinkerboard Strategy Canas, Canva Design Template

If you don't already have the Bravestorming Thinkerboard Kit, you can get that here in the Strategystorming Shop. 

Watch the How To Video Coming Soon!

Other strategy templates also available in the Strategystorming Shop. 

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