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Strategystorming RADAR Cube

Strategystorming RADAR Cube

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Strategystorming Turns Uncertainty, Ambiguity, fears, risks, and challenges into action with the Strategy Business Radar.


Visually see and clearly identify your priorities with your business radar. See what's coming and what you need to prepare for; easily see the solutions. Problems solved. Visually.


Your Radar allows you to see what's important & now, and prioritize it.


Radar helps you see:


1. What's close vs. far?

2. What's off-course

3. What's a priority now vs later?

4. Where the obstacles/challenges are

5. Where are we going? What direction? 

6. What elevation?

7. What speed?


Navigate complexity and see what you need to deal with Uncertainty with the Strategystorming Business Radar.

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