One BIG One - Strategy Academy 2023 Annual Strategy Planning Festival


$79.00 – $479.00 per person




2 Sessions + bonus VIP sessions

About this experience

This is our annual 2-Day strategy planning festival where we bring in expert speakers, amazing content, strategic tools and everything that you will need to craft better strategy for 2023 and beyond.

We'll have guest speakers, entertainment, working groups, networking, and everything else you'll need to get a detailed handle on what you need to do.

There will be prizes, gift packs, as well as workbooks, books, and worksheets to get you through the entire event and into 2023.

It's time to rethink & reinvent how we think about strategy, but also how we understand, design, and create it.

Get the thinking, tools, and know-how to craft business strategy like never before.  This is the best way to learn strategy and strategic thinking, as well as how to apply it to your everday business actions.

We're going on a strategy journey to discover & do. To find out exactly where to start with strategy, and where it will ultimately take you from good to great.

We now need to focus on becoming BETTER instead of simply growing BIGGER.

Good and bigger are not ‘good enough’ anymore.

And 'Bigger' as the end-all does not suffice. Bigger is not better. 

We need to be & do Greater. This Strategy Workshop will take you there.

Strategystorming is adding gameplay into how we think, create, and build strategies that are robust, giving us the clarity, certainty, and competencies that we need to know along this pathway.

Strategystorming is the new wave of developing strategy, whether you're a business strategist, entrepreneur, strategy consultant, or practitioner - it will give you the thinking, tools, and know-how to craft strategy like never before.

We focus on the journey, the expedition, the 'Ensei' of it all - so you can see exactly how the pieces fit together, how they work, and what needs to be done.

Our beliefs in what strategy is and can do is where we start, along our journey of enlightenment into the deeper world of getting and answering the 'why'. You already know your 'why' otherwise you wouldn't be here. We want to look at 'What' takes us along the expedition trail, and 'how' is what you'll be ready and able to do, next, as you take everything into practice & implementation.

Strategy is not a game, but it can be 'playful', and we've created a series of tools that will inspire you to see your perspective and use gameplay to bring it to life.


What we're bringing to divulge, dissect & discuss in detail around mastering how we think about strategy in this strategy mastery workshop:

  1. Going slow to go fast is the only way how to move from Good to Great. Here are the beliefs that we are challenging, and where it will bring you. Where are you headed and how will you know when you get there?

  2. Where to start with strategy & more importantly, where to finish. How do you prepare resources, time, people, and money to be able to take off and actually get to your destination?

  3. What got us here will get us there - the science of reverse engineering what you've done and how best to combine it with refreshing thinking. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, nor learn how to ride a bicycle again - so what you know and do up to this point is something to treasure and leverage. Are you ready to ride your bicycle again?

  4. Seeing, thinking & doing strategy is much easier said than done, but there's a reason for that. We'll digest how to think strategically, and what your strategic dynamics profile means to being able to solve problems and challenges strategically.

  5. What does the ensei expedition do to change my perspective, and what thinking & tools will I need to bring along this growth pathway?

Strategy is not for the upper echelons of corporate-ness. It's not a plan from on high. It's not for the faint of heart, either. It's down-to-earth thinking & doing.

It's not business as usual anymore. You're here to learn, in a learning environment, to give you the strategies & tools that you will need to map out the next steps of business.

There is no other way to do this, if you're prepared to take the next step.

It's about Strategy Mastery.  Mastering the Art, Science, and Psychology of Strategy


Here's what the strategy festival learning looks like

This is a live learning & experience, not some pre-recorded video; it's a learning course, that takes place across 2+ sessions of 150 minutes each.

It's a combination of strategy training, as well as the experience of listening & experiencing other speakers & activities. We'll be announcing the Strategystorming Award winners, as well as presenting the data from our recent strategic thinking study

You’ll have everything you need to leverage where you are, and what needs to happen next.

Day 1: Strategy beliefs, Strategic dynamics, psychology of strategy, strategy vs planning, strategy models, balance theory, the state of digital

Day 2: The Strategy Expedition, The AMPS model (Audience, Method, Process, Story), 100-Day radar, Stratahedron model building, the Strategy Awards

Session 3 (BONUS Session #1): Strategic goals, objectives, public accountability, 500-Day radar, and beyond. 60-minute Learning 'Pod' & Accountability Follow-up & next steps

Session 4 (BONUS Session #2): 60-minute Private strategy session, accountability and how to put your strategy in place specific for your business. To Be Scheduled individually.


Who's It For?

It's only for those who are really looking to overcome their misbeliefs of strategy & business, and what you can do about it.

It's for those who want to learn how to do strategy better - whether it's how to start, or how to start better - it's ultimately how we all will finish.

It's not for the light-hearted spur-of-the-moment-go-here-to-go-there mentality; we are going on an expedition, afterall.

It's not a to-do list. A to-do list would never have landed men on the moon, explored the poles, or journeyed around the world and across new terrains. Hundreds of people have died attempting to navigate the summit of Everest & return. While this Strategy Mastery won't kill you, it won't be easy.

"I'm not here to tell you it will be easy, I'm here to tell you it will be worth it"

It's one of the most exciting times ever imaginable, as you have access to business around the world, at any time, and any place.

What are you prepared to gain?


There are multiple tickets available. See below.

Standard Entry

  • Access to all main workshop sessions (Day 1 & Day 2)

  • PDF Workbook

VIP Strategystorming Entry

  • Access to all main sessions (Day 1 & Day 2)

  • PDF Workbook

  • Daily Q&A after sessions

  • Accountability Group (Day 3)

Platinum VIP Strategystorming

  • Access to all main sessions (Day 1, 2) 

  • Additional 3rd session for accountability groups (Day 3)

  • PDF Workbook

  • Printed Workbook

  • Daily Q&A

  • Private email access for problem-solving

  • Exclusive networking group

  • Strategy review

  • Special Christmas Gift




Day 1

Tuesday 6 December - 7 am to 10 am

Day 2

Wednesday 7 December - 7 am to 10 am

Day 3 (VIP & Ultra VIP Only)

Tuesday 13 December - 7 am to 10 am




  1. Where is it? It's on Zoom & you'll be sent the link

  2. How do I add this to my calendar? You'll be sent a calendar event link

  3. What's the agenda? See the details above on the sessions

  4. Who is this for? Consultants, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Practitioners, Strategists

  5. What do I need to do to prepare? You'll be sent the work kit

  6. What are the timings? See schedule above

  7. Will there be a recording? It's a hands-on learning event so recording will only be provided to those who attend

  8. Do I have to attend? Yes, it's a hands-on learning event

  9. What's the cost? See the tickets available above

  10. Will strategy save the day? Yes, but only if you know how to craft the perfect business strategy

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I've been involved in business & strategy for 20 years. I've crafted countless compelling strategies for dozens of industries for small business and Fortune 1000 businesses on a global basis. I'm a former startup Founder of one of Canada's Top 50 Fastest Growing ecommerce companies, and the #1 Fastest Growing company in the Province.

I’m author of the book on digital strategy called #Breakthrough, which takes challenger businesses on their business-changing digital expedition, and I’m your CEO - Chief Expedition Officer helping you plan, navigate & deliver in the digital darkness of online.

I guide Digital Challenger businesses in navigating and leveraging the disruptive digital economy by showing them how to create certainty, clarity and competency in digital so the world really knows who you are and the impact that you create, despite the craziness that is happening around you. We’re shining the light in the digital darkness & confusion.